Tours in Castilla León Region

The Avila that we see today is largely the result of construction in the 11th century. The famous fortifies walls were built to keep the invading Moors at bay, as the city lies where the Christians kingdom of northern Iberia and Muslims from southern Al-Andalus battled for control of the peninsula.

Welcome! Today we start the tour from Avila Cathedral. One of the first Gothic cathedrals in Spain, Avila Cathedral is both a church and a fortress, as the cathedral sanctuary is integrated into the city wall, forming part of the city’s defensive fortification….

During the Middle Ages, the town of Avila had a large flourishing and influential Jewish community. Medieval cobblestone streets and hidden squares hint at the legacy of the past in Barrio Judio (Jewish Quarter) in Avila…

5 Hours Panoramic tour Avila

368,50 Including Tax

7 Hours Panoramic tour Avila

515,90 Including Tax

5 Hours Panoramic tour Segovia

368,50 Including Tax

7 Hours Panoramic Tour Segovia + Granja De San Ildefonso

515,90 Including Tax

8 Hours Panoramic Tour Segovia + Madrid

589,60 Including Tax

8 Hours Panoramic Tour Avila + Madrid

589,60 Including Tax

7 Hours Segovia Tour + Gastronomic Experience

515,90 Including Tax

9 Hours Panoramic Tour Avila + Segovia

663,30 Including Tax

11 Hours Panoramic Tour Toledo + Segovia

810,70 Including Tax

13 Hours Panoramic Tour Toledo + Avila + Segovia

958,10 Including Tax

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