Famous for its gigantic and well preserved Roman Aqueduct from 2 B.C., Segovia has more to offer. In the 15th century, Segovia’s position on trading routes made it an important centre of trade in wool and textiles. The end of the Middle Ages saw something of a golden age for Segovia, with a growing Jewish population and the creation of a foundation for a powerful cloth industry. Several splendid works of Gothic architecture were also completed during this period. Mostly notably, the Segovia Cathedral.

Welcome! Today we start the tour from the Segovia Cathedral. Affectionally called “la dama de las catedrales”, Segovia Cathedral has a supremely Gothic exterior combined with a surprisingly bare interior, but it contains numerous treasures. The museum of the cathedral houses the first book printed in Spain – the Sinodal de Aguilafuente. This was also where Isabel I was proclaimed Queen of Castilla in the 15th century…

5 Hours Panoramic tour Segovia

368,50 Including Tax

7 Hours Panoramic Tour Segovia + Granja De San Ildefonso

515,90 Including Tax

7 Hours Segovia Tour + Gastronomic Experience

515,90 Including Tax

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